Common Website Testing & Error Tracking Tools

Error tracking is a crucial component to any website design and development project as it helps to find the pinpoint performance problems before they get out of hand. Error tracking refers to identifying bugs in your website or apps before the users can notice them. Because the first impression is the last impression, you always

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7 Steps To Successfully Rebrand Your Business

Branding is a way to showcase your business to the audience to build the long-lasting customer relationship. With time, your customers and their needs do change. To keep up the ever-changing attitude of your audience, you need to reinvent your business which is called rebranding it. Before you go ahead to rebrand your business, you

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Web Design Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Web design is directly related to usability and user engagement. When you enhance the conversion rate improving your site usability you will win over the visitors. Web design enhances your conversion rates, to prove this you can take an example of any article Whenever you write any blog or article, it is searched on Google.

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Why Page Speed Updates Matter in Mobile Search Ranking?

Since April 2010, page speed has been taken as the ranking factor especially in desktop searches while officially not much consideration for mobile searches. Even, till July 2018 when speed update was rolled up by the Google, speed for the mobile site was in the recommendation not implemented properly. Google has updated a list of

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