10 Popular Examples Of Website Footer Designs For Your Website

10 Popular Examples Of Website Footer Designs For Your Website

While working on a website project, a designer has to concentrate not only on the header part but the footer too. A footer section of every website is the key element where a visitor can get more information about the company. Only an effective footer design can leave a long-lasting impression on the visitors and make them to come back. It’s necessary to choose a relevant footer design for a website which is helpful in reaching the commercial objectives. There are numerous innovative and amazing examples of impressive footer designs which provide an extra bit of improvement in the user’s experience.

Here are top examples of the website footer which one can utilize for his website:

  • Monocle:

    One can add a secondary navigation to his website footer as it is easy to utilize. This one is a great approach for the large building websites. Monocle footer is helpful in placing the links to very less important areas and reducing the complexity of the main navigation. In this footer section, there is also an inclusion of search bar so that user can easily search the information without scrolling to the top of the web page.

  • Karma:

    This footer is successful for those websites whose products and services contain call-to-action within the header part. This adds the call-to-action in the footer section which is one of the effective ways to engage more and more audience who want to find more before signing up.

  • New Babylon:

    This footer section is helpful for those business start-ups which want to promote the events. With the implementation of this footer design, one can display sponsors and supporters which makes the events to appear credible and relevant in nature especially for the well-known sponsors.

  • Rdio:

    For all the businesses and individuals who want to develop a strong social media presence, can pick the Rdio footer design for his digital strategy. This footer section is helpful in prioritizing the social media in the most effective way. Rdio is helpful in displaying various social media services by leaving a plenty of space around the elements which also draw a great attention of an audience.

  • Web Designer Wall:

    The specialty of this footer example is that it offers links to added posts as well as user comments. Providing links to recent comments is one of the strong strategies which likely to attract the interest of other readers.

  • Site Map:

    This footer style is best meant for the extensive site directory and makes the user to easily find the information. It allows the Google to better index the pages which also give a chance to give higher ranking to your website.

  • Custom Footer

    The other way to add a footer to the site is to customize the site by adding different images as well as animations in the footer section which further contribute the personalization in the website. One can also add a video in the footer section to get more powerful and catchy messages.

  • Minimalism

    One can make use of this footer style when he wants to concentrate only on one to three basic elements. This will surely keep the footer section minimalistic and fresh. By just adding a copyright, logo and social media buttons, one can prevent the plagiarism and add attention of the readers.

  • Ultra Web Studio

    Ultra web studio footer design can be included with loads of information and different elements that are essential for the website and eliminates the clumsy look.

  • Code My Concept

    On this dark background, a business owner can provides all the relevant information which helps the visitors to navigate the site in the most effective manner.

Although the footer is the last part of every website but can port a call for many visitors. Designing a great footer is the way to layout the necessary information that a website must include. If you want to consider all relevant elements within the footer section, you can hire a team of web designers at Rank Higher.