10 Secrets Behind Designing Unique Business Cards


Business cards are something that give ways to your potential customers for contacting you. It has all the contact information of your business from address to the phone numbers to email address, your business logo and whatnot. But what it gives out to the other person is that it creates an impression on the potential customer about your business. And as they say, the first impression is the last one. It can get you a lot more clients than you can think. So, that it must be a well-designed business card and not just any business card. It should be easily designed and you want them to be your customer and not just ignore you the next minute after you hand out your card. Business cards Vaughan can be an excellent choice to design your ideal business card.

10 Secrets Behind Designing Unique Business Cards

Why the perfectly designed business card is important

A good and perfectly designed business card speaks about your business and not just about your contact information. It is a handy card which can set you apart from your competitors just by having a look at it. Now here are the 10 secrets that unique business cards keep in mind while designing card:

  1. Avoid Clutter: Simplicity is the key to success. Here the simple card is the more sophisticated it looks and it gives a good feeling of you running a sophisticated business. Give the information that is needed and doesn’t overload with extra as it can just make the whole card useless for many.
  2. Fonts: It is a business card so keep it professional that should give out an image of your business. This should be reflecting the professionalism of your business. Also, it should be easy for potential customers to read it and understand it. Always choose a readable font.
  3. Pictures: very coloured pictures can look a bit messy on the card and look like a newspaper cutting. But just giving an outline of a picture can save you the time and space with no compromise on the looks.
  4. Colours: this leaves a mesmerising impact on the customer’s mind. Complementary colours can work best. Shades are the ones widely used these days.
  5. QR Code: if you are adding a QR code on your business card then make sure it is the correct one and it should also work. Most of the time the wrong QR code is printed and that can just be a waste of time and money.
  6. The Backside: rather than filling the one side with information and keeping the other side blank use it for your company logo. But do avoid excess information on it.
  7. Embossing: your business card details are good enough but this can be the icing on the cake. It adds even more information and makes it feel more real. A better choice would emboss the company logo rather than simply printing it.
  8. Special Shapes: This is something that can change from the company’s preferences. It is not necessary to go with the standard rectangular shape. Shapes if used in a creative way can last a long-lasting impression. Few of the businesses use folding cards, few shapes of an instrument or an animal, etc.
  9. Finishing: like a piece of art just add the appropriate finishing touch to it. Don’t rush with the options that you like to go with what suits and make a business card more attractive.
  10. Material: You can’t use paper as a business card. Use a material that is hard and can be printed on. Don’t look for money but go with the best Web Design Company Vaughan printing services for the best design and material for your card.

These are a few common and unique secrets for designing a perfect business card. This will help you stand out of the zone from your competitors and will create a long-lasting impression on your potential customers. Contact Rank-Higher for more information.