5 SEO Tools for WordPress To Boost Your Google Ranking

5 SEO Tools for WordPress To Boost Your Google Ranking

SEO is essential to rank your website on the first page of SERP. Even when social media fails to serve you organic or paid traffic on your website, SEO is one strategy you can rely on to get the best results. You need to call upon some high-end people to do SEO for you or pay a considerable amount to get it done.

As long as you are willing to learn a little about SEO- you are all set to start implying a strategy with the help of easy Vaughan SEO Tools. Here are some of the SEO tools you can use to rank your website on Google in 2021.

5 SEO Tools for WordPress To Boost Your Google Ranking

Top 5 Free SEO Tools for WordPress To Boost Your Website Ranking

Pingdom Speed Test
A simple tool that helps in measuring exactly how long it takes for the site to load. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website, and it shall analyze it comprehensively to show you the result. You get a very detailed report about the website loading time. Besides checking your speed, it also says a lot about the other aspects of websites like- how they stack against the database and archive tests? With Pingdom Test, you get a performance insight to evaluate your different strategies and steps for a better SEO.

Worried about which keyword is best for you to compete for? Look at the KWFinder. They help understand what keywords shall benefit your website; and the alternative keywords that can be opted to rank-higher and quicker. Also, get the Keyword Difficulty rating about your chosen word and incorporate it into your website accordingly.

Chrome DevTools
With Chrome Dev Tools, you get an insight into the real-time diagnosis about the website- its performance, and many other aspects of a website. After the test, you will get the report of every request and how long it took to complete it. Get an understanding of what elements in the website are needed to be optimized. This will help in improving the results of the website in the Google Search Engine.

It helps in targeting country-wise by aiming use of geo-targeting perspective. Get a rough idea about your performance in the top search engines. You get a good idea about what changes are needed and what is working well for your website. Decipher the data and content to use it to your advantage. Know about the keywords that work well for your website and keywords that can bring your site down.

Google Keyword Planner & Trends
The Google Keyword Planner helps you analyze whether the keyword you chose is the right one or not and suggests alternative keywords and their competition rate. It can be best used in conjunction with the Yoast SEO Plug-in to improve Google ranks on the website. Organize keywords as per their competition rate and use them efficiently. Analyze multiple keywords simultaneously and break down the keywords and learn their relevance on the website.


The most important thing you need to boost your Google ranking is patience. SEO is not a switch that once you switch it on, it will just immediately boat the trank. It needs nurturing to show you good results in the future. No matter what tool you use the most, make sure to have a great SEO strategy and always update and upgrade to stay one step ahead.

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