5 WordPress Plugins and Tools For Your Business Websites


A website is a must in this digital era. And, for sure, you are aware of this but do you know that websites are not easy things.

Besides, being just fine in the backend, it needs to have the ultimate design in the front end to make sure that it appeals to the user. The visitor, the customers should be able to navigate through the website easily without any restriction. Therefore, this calls up other work related to websites. Besides optimizing your website for the search engines where you want to rank, you need to project the spammers.

There is so much more! The list just goes on and on. But, the question is how will you do it?

Use WordPress. This is an open-source that has a freely available source that can be modified as per the needs of the business. However, this requires you to have the best themes. And, you also need to install WordPress plugins and tools that can help them make the best out of what you have.

5 WordPress Plugins and Tools For Your Business Websites

Here are the top 5 WordPress Designs.

Plug-ins are apps that enable the developers to add more functional and modern features to the website. Believe it or not, you need them! But there are almost thousands of plugins, so which one is the best and latest WordPress Plugins for you?

Jetpack by WordPress

Often people end up downloading the plug-ins but fail to understand how it actually helps them in a 360-degree manner. Similarly, this Jetpack plug-in helps in designing the website efficiently by keeping the tracks of the statistics, preventing attacks, and improving social sharing. Besides this, it helps in protecting from spam, SEO tools, and daily backups. It takes up the load off from the server and helps the site to run smoothly besides adding those new features.

Yoast SEO

Who doesn’t want their website to be the first ranking on the search engines? It can certainly feel that it is really complex and too much work to get on that search engine. And, this is where you can make use of some great plugins to reach that point. Install the Yoast SEO plugin to enrich your website and help you rank better. It helps you select the keyword, optimize content, in fact, the entire page. Optimize your website content for social media and connect with Google Search Console to make sure that you are able to get the most with the help of Yoast Plugin.

WP Forms

This is one of the best plugins for you to add a contact form to your website. This helps you in keeping in touch with your visitors. WP Forms is a drag and drop builder enabling you to create a multitude of forms- order forms, subscription forms, contact forms, surveys, polls, payment forms, etc. You also get a pre-built form to ease your task. The best part is that it can easily integrate with other marketing and payment platforms.


This is an anti-spam plugin that analyzes the filters to make sure the website is free of spam content. It also finds suspicious links and URLs to eliminate them. Improves privacy and is compliant with the GDPR guidelines. It offers a security solution to the website and ensures that it is protected from every probable spam. The dashboard also offers you a detailed report of the basic and advanced statistics for spam.


A website is a crucial part of your business. And, if you do not run a business without a backup, how can you have a website without keeping backups for all the files, extensions, and folders. Having the backup will help you revive the previous version of some lost data that can be a little troublesome for you. Updraft offers you a free and automated backup for all your database- cloud storage or remote location.

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