Common Website Testing & Error Tracking Tools


Error tracking is a crucial component to any website design and development project as it helps to find the pinpoint performance problems before they get out of hand. Error tracking refers to identifying bugs in your website or apps before the users can notice them.

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Because the first impression is the last impression, you always want to leave a powerful impact on your site visitors. For this, you have to implement the error tracking to identify issues and fix them as soon as possible.

The Objective Of Error Tracking

The main objective of implementing error tracking is to address small problems and fix them before they could affect your user experience. Remember, by applying the error tracking process from the very beginning of your development, you can save a lot of time.

Types Of Error Tracking

  • Back-End Error Tracking includes things such as page exception and JavaScript errors.
  • Front-End Error Tracking helps to make sure that your website or app can run smoothly over various web browsers and different devices.
  • Reproducing Bugs means identifying the errors by recreating the conditions under which they appeared.

Error Tracking Tools

There are two methods you can use to debugging the application and tracking the errors. First is an automated solution that alerts you when an error takes place in your site and provide you with insight on how to fix the issue.

Manual testing is another way where you can use the tools to capture the errors and ask the website development team to fix these mistakes.

    1. Automated Testing
      • Raygun offers three services crash reporting, real user monitoring and APM solutions that work simultaneously to monitor your website errors.
      • Rollbar captures any uncaught errors, log messages and report errors. It also enables you to monitor the mistakes in real-time, get immediate alerts and review error data to fix them quickly.
      • Sentry is an open-source that provides you with a lot of useful information including the stack trace, URL’s parameters & session information and with source map support.
      • LogRocket finds out the bug and automatically makes a video capturing what users view on their screens. It tracks the JavaScript errors, console logs, browser metadata, network requests and more.
    2. Manual Testing
      • Usernap offers you with excellent compatibility with tools like Intercom, Slack, WordPress, Drupal and Evernote are of fewer. Usernap is a unique way for your QA team to streamline communication with developers.
      • Marker notifies you by sending screen-shot to every bug occurrence along with the details of users. Remember, the marker is only available as an extension for Chrome, but users are working on further integration for WP.
      • DebugMe allows users to make annotations and share errors in a team. Additionally, you can embed code in your application’s meta tags for built-in error tracking.
      • ZipBoard can be utilized by entering the URL and get the visual representation of your errors along with the detail of how to fix them.

Now, you have detailed information about error tracking and various tools to track the errors in your website to fix them quickly. If you want to know more, contact us at Rank-Higher, is the leading web design and development company in Vaughan. We specialize in developing flawless and well tested error-free website.