Hottest Web Design Trends To Watch In 2016

Hottest Web Design Trends To Watch In 2016

Technology keeps evolving and so do our habits and web designs. Technology has taken the web design and development industry to the next level. From animated sliders to parallax designs, now we can customize our websites in the most amazing way; where they look professional and attractive simultaneously. There are various hot trends that help your website float idly in a sea of competitors. In 2016, responsive websites are surely going to rule. You will also see more interactive and rich media content on websites. Here are some of the web design trends to keep an eye out for in 2016.

  • Long Live the RWD:

    Responsive website design has been ruling and will still rule in 2016. Many websites have already adapted smartphones and tablets to boost their revenue. With the emergence of smart watches and TVs, it is vital to provide flawless user experience across all the platforms.

  • Rich, Dynamic Backgrounds:

    Large-image backgrounds are what people liking these days. Since, we all get impressed by 3D movies, the same way people love to see websites with 3D designing. Designers should focus on balancing the intricacies of 3D graphics so that the web design industry can flourish. This year, you would see fully responsive HD-quality video backgrounds on various websites.

  • More Interactive Than Ever:

    Interactive and descriptive websites are a great way to enhance your user experience. And, they will definitely stay. When you involve your user visually and emotionally with your brand, you basically enhance the chances of turning your traffic into your users. Never miss a chance to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for your users.

  • Bigger, Bolder, Better:

    The bigger the better. We all know that typography is the major thing that affects the usability and aesthetics of the website. In 2016, there will be bold fonts, responsive typography so that users get a better reading experience.

  • Ghost Buttons:

    Ghost buttons help you grab your user’s attention in the most subtle way. They are stylish interface features that enhances the beauty of your website. You will surely see the pairing of ghost buttons with large background images and videos in 2016. A smart hover animation is all to add a touch of elegance to your website.

  • Scrolling in, Clicking out:

    The number of mobile device users is soaring with each day passing. People have become accustomed to scrolling. In fact, this year, scrolling will definitely defeat clicking. Reason being, users want to have a preview of your brand and service right on the first page. Thus, the home pages need to be dynamic, interactive and longer to entice more and more users.

These trends will help your site stand out in 2016 and beyond. If you want to know more about website designing, contact our talented web designers in Vaughan. We will help create websites that look professional and beautiful at the same time.