How To Make Your Website More Attractive?


Do you remember the time when the website was made with the help of HTML code? Or, contacting the developer to build a website from the scratch? Those4 sites become so obsolete that they were abandoned and no more updates were made on them after a while.

How To Make Your Website More Attractive?

However, today, building a website is not really that difficult. You just need to be familiar with some of the terms. You have so many CMS like Magento, WordPress, etc that provide you themes by which you can design your own website. Moreover, you can enjoy the constant updates you get for your website.

No matter what is the scope of your business, whether you are a photographer, business consultant, and designer- there will be many competitors. And, the website becomes your hallmark by which customers reach out to you.

Here are some tips to make your website more attractive.

Choose a good theme

The base of the websites the theme and thus to make the website more attractive, you need to choose a better theme. Make sure that it is professional, unique, and relatable to your niche. There are many free themes available but obviously, some of the features in them will be compromised. However, if you want, you can choose ‘premium themes’ depending upon how much can you spend.

Optimize WordPress Database

Do your website experience more users skipping and an increase in bouncing rates? It can be because your website either takes too long to load or if it is not designed as per the user’s needs. Thus, to avoid an increase in the bounce rate, you must not overload your website with the media and content. Optimize the images by using a lesser sized image and videos of comparatively lower size. Install fewer plug-ins to improve the speed of the webpage.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization means optimizing each and every element of your website in order to rank well on the search engine results page (SERPs). This helps in improving the rank of the website on the SERPs on different search engines. Add correct keywords in order to show un when the user searches something that relates to your niche.

Add Contact Details

Besides having the website designed efficiently in the world, but there are no contact details- then it will be completely useless. Ensure that put up an appropriate link to the “Contact” in the navigation of the website. You must add a few more ways to connect with your visitors- an email or a message box or something else.

Be Yourself

It is important to showcase yourself on the website in the most effective way. A good bunch of optimized pictures and videos on your website will make the website more appealing, trustworthy, and authentic. Whether you are building a website for your personal use or for a business, a little personal touch is necessary. Thus, do not be afraid to show what you or your brand are. Try to leave a remarkable and memorable impression on your visitors.

Content to Sell

Your images and videos will not be enough to entice and let the customer stay or buy a product and service from you. Texts are necessary and they should be in a manner to make sales. Let your visitors know what is the website about and how it can be useful to them? Your website should be designed with content that provides a solution to the visitor.

Write a blog and update regularly

WordPress is a content management system and thus it was originally created for blogs and its regular updates. So, if you start writing and updating a blog regularly, then you can attract more visitors with the right use of keywords. This will help in the organic promotion and marketing of the brand or the website. This also shows professionalism and attracts potential customers to the site. Think about your website from the SEO point of view. You will understand what to include and what to skip.

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