Digital marketers use email marketing for nurturing leads as well as to influence purchase decisions. If executed correctly, email marketing could also help increase customer engagement as well as retention. Meanwhile, other tools, like SEO and social media marketing, have also taken over the Internet. Due to this, marketers have drawn towards these channels and invest a lot of their resources and time to harness the possibilities of such channels.


However, all of this has resulted in several pondering over a question:

‘Is email marketing dead?’

It’s the one question that has been causing distress among digital marketers and brands. However, the simple answer to this is ‘no.’ Email marketing isn’t dead and is seeking resurgence in effectiveness and popularity. To believe that people don’t like email is simply an over-simplification. However, what they do hate is getting emails that they do not want.

Below are a few reasons which show that email marketing is not dead and should be a part of a firm’s marketing strategy.

  • Smartphones

Earlier, the only way to check email was through a desktop computer or a laptop. But now, as people have access to email 24/7 via smartphones, they have broadened the definition of quality email. Via email marketing, your firm can communicate directly with an array of prospective customers. Instant messenger and texting services often are for friends only. However, email can also be read as well as dealt with as easily and quickly while you are on the move.

  • Coupons & Information

People love to stay up-to-date about things which interest them, such as when your firm is introducing a new product. However, only a few people actually spend their time visiting websites regularly to stay informed about a firm’s happenings. But, they will go over to your site if something notifies them there is a reason to stopover. For instance, say, an email containing a coupon to receive a 10% off on Pre-Ordering your latest product today.

The important thing here is to be a positive source of information instead of being inbox displeasure. Please do not bother sending out an email to people that have not already told you they are interested. In this way, you will be able to boost your efforts on a customer base, which is more likely to make a purchase.

  • Email Can be Integrated into an Inbound Marketing Strategy

With the proliferation and rise of inbound marketing strategies, several firms are finding email an essential aspect of their marketing tactics. Long gone are the days of spam emails. The increase in opt-in email marketing is now validating to be a blooming supporter to a firm’s overall success. Email can be merged into any kind of inbound marketing tactic, from guest blogging to social media. Email develops an interested buyer list and offers information.

Email works in sharing your recent blog posts, amalgamating your most incredible social media post for the audience who is otherwise uninterested in being active directly on social media. It can also alert people about deals, webinars as well as approaching discount deadlines.

  • Emails are Affordable

Email marketing is amazingly affordable, especially in contrast to the costs of television and radio marketing strategies. If an email marketing campaign underperforms, you can still easily absorb its costs, make corrections and send out the next evolution.

So, if you are thinking of abandoning email strategies, you should stop right there! Email marketing won’t be dead anytime soon and will continue to stick around till the time email is the fastest, cheapest and most effective medium of sharing information quickly. Contact Rank Higher professional to know more.