Latest UX Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Latest UX Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

2019 has not been a great year for companies to invest and attain greatest advancements in technologies this year 2020.

Latest UX Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Still, we find several companies progressing and catering to user’s needs without realizing their intentions for the same. However, it is time to start making some proactive steps to get ready for a certain future.

Here are 10 UX trends to watch out for in 2020.

Mega Drop Down Menu

Scrolling through a full-screen menu is really frustrating. Especially, when it is opened on mobile. The drop-downs ask you to use a same action- scroll and select. As a website owner, you should worry that the website does not lag and leave the user clicking anywhere on the screen when all they want is to scroll down or up. Perhaps, in 2020, these mega menus will vanish from the most awkwardly built sites.

White Space

The design for White Space has been trendy since the launch of barely-noticed Medium blogging by Twitter. You can goodbye to the highly contrasted columns and test boxes with colorful fonts. Instead, nowadays, websites look more than a Word Document. It consists of white backgrounds, large images with no borders, and single text columns. It might not be flashy but easier to read. Such designed website also loads faster and can easily convert into mobile-friendly versions. In 2020, the focus is more dedicated not to visual design, but dependant on the content and user journey.

Mobile Only

People are no more habitual with those old school mouse and keyboards. Even kids find it difficult to learn about those outdated computers. Instead, they picked up the upgraded and intuitive designs of tablets and phones. As these kids would grow up, they will soon witness the old fashioned mouse pointers and text searches disappear. No more designing your website for the web, optimize it to make it mobile-friendly.


Social media is the internet of all the businesses and majority of people are active on various social media platforms. Some companies offer to create own social apps. These apps help in linking customers with each other and sell them a product or a service. An exclusive app for your business and brand will almost be like a private club for those interested in your service and products.

Need for app

Recently, the use of apps is declining as mobiles have lesser storage to let the internet run faster and better. Who would want to have apps for every little need when they can use the cloud service and save their storage. People often choose to use the services from the browser itself rather than installing something that might track them.

Artificial Illusions

AI is the talk of the town and everyone claims to have intelligent algorithms. Yet, AI does not exist. Though there are some too smart computers that run on simulations and other processes they are not artificial intelligence. AI is the term we all use when we opt for a tech service to invest in. AI is a good marketing buzzword but it is advised to temper the use of it or it may backlash.

Internet of Places

We all carry the internet in our pockets- laptops, mobiles, tablets, and wifi tethering. We have full functionality in one backpack. But, we have diversified experiences on different devices. For instance, Netflix- this app can work through the website but still needs to be downloaded in tablet and phone, if needed. But, we will not see this vanishing in 2020 as everything becomes feasible.

Walking Tours

Walking tours allows the user on the website to be familiar with the navigation buttons. Though these were an old school aspect, these tools add on to the benefits of the user. These are the buttons and pop up boxes that appear on screen that links to different buttons and fields. It is a worthy option for self-service support.

New Interfaces

The old school method of point and click interfaces are nearly dead. Now, touch screens are a new standard. Therefore, design your websites to have an easier user interface as tap first and then click. However, voice search is also common with the introduction of Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

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