Why Page Speed Updates Matter in Mobile Search Ranking?

Since April 2010, page speed has been taken as the ranking factor especially in desktop searches while officially not much consideration for mobile searches. Even, till July 2018 when speed update was rolled up by the Google, speed for the mobile site was in the recommendation not implemented properly. Google has updated a list of

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e-Commerce Product Page Design? Top 5 Tips For Web Designers

First of all, you need to give a careful attention to the details of designing a perfect eCommerce site. You can browse many e-Commerce designs to get inspired but still, you have to think deeply about what make it usable. Keeping requirements of every client in our mind, here are some tips, these are helpful

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Top Ten Brilliant WordPress News and Magazine Themes

WordPress is a unique platform for developing blogs and sites. Using the respective theme, one can develop a website faster and effectively. Aspiring web developers can use the different themes for various news, magazine and gossips featuring websites. WordPress Themes Here is a list of highly customizable themes with their specifications which gives a number

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10 Popular Examples Of Website Footer Designs For Your Website

While working on a website project, a designer has to concentrate not only on the header part but the footer too. A footer section of every website is the key element where a visitor can get more information about the company. Only an effective footer design can leave a long-lasting impression on the visitors and

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4 Silly Web Development Mistakes You Are Making

In today’s technological era, having a business website is no more a luxury but a necessity. If you really want to own a profitable online business, you must focus on creating a lead generating website with amazing interface and graphics. This will not only help in attracting target customers but also plays a great role

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